About our Riding

The Conservative Party of Canada is founded on the principles of peace and freedom on the world stage; responsible management of taxpayers' money; a welcoming land of refuge for the world’s persecuted and afflicted; the defence of clean Canadian technologies; and a clear understanding of responsibilities between levels of government.

London North Centre (LNC) is bounded by Wonderland Road North on the West, Highbury Ave. North on the East, Thames River and CN Rail lines to the south, and the City boundary to the north. LNC includes Western University, University, and St. Joseph's Hospitals, London City Hall, and the Downtown London district. London North Centre was created in 1996 as "London-Adelaide" and renamed "London North Centre" in 1997 with its boundary revised in 2012.

From 2011 to 2015, this riding was represented by Conservative MP Susan Truppe.

In 2019 was the candidate for London North Centre was Sarah Bokhari.